Student Midwifery 101: Black Midwives Will Save Us


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NBMA presents "Student Midwifery 101: Black Midwives Will Save Us" 

by Efe Osaren. 

States that give midwives a greater role in patient care achieve better results on key measures of maternal and neonatal health." There are less than 2% of Black midwives in America and Black women are 243% more likely to die from childbirth related causes than white women. We need more Black Midwives but becoming a Midwife today is a daunting task due to institutional racism. This informational session will cover the process to becoming a Midwife and what steps to take now as a Birth worker to combat the barriers to Midwifery


Standing at the gateway: history of the granny midwife


Help us build the Grand Midwife stamp campaign

 "The Granny was a master in the use of herbs and passed down medicinal healing to younger generations. These and other skills increased the community’s reverence for her." 

Nonkululeko Tyehemba, an African American midwife, has assisted over 500 mothers give birth and sees herself as part of a long tradition. Nonkululeko will lead us in a discussion about the campaign to secure a USPS stamp to honor the African-American Grand Midwife.

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