Continue the legacy: Complete your application by March 15th!


The purpose of the Black Midwife Mentorship Program is to nurture strong relationships between student midwives and professional midwife mentors while advancing the strong legacy of intergenerational learning in the midwifery community. 

By connecting student midwives to knowledgeable and experienced midwife mentors, we hope to accomplish several goals: 

1) Advance the midwifery model of care and facilitate the mentorship and engagement of aspiring Black midwives who plan to address health disparities in their work; 

2) Provide students with strong lifelines to the profound wisdom and legacy of Black midwifery; and 

3) Facilitate an intergenerational transfer of knowledge and skills where our elders have the opportunity to pass down their knowledge, instill important values, and celebrate their impact.


All student midwives must fill out an application to be accepted into the program. Your responses will help us determine the best mentee-mentor match to support you in your midwifery journey.

As a part of the mentorship program, student midwives will also have access to regular webinars where invited birth workers will present on a variety of topics pertinent to midwifery. These webinars will provide our members with opportunities to deepen their knowledge and awareness. 


Application Deadline: March 15, 2019

  1. Complete and submit the application.
  2. Wait to be notified by email about our decision.
  3. Follow directions in your acceptance letter to register as a student midwife member of NBMA. (Student membership dues are $25 per year.)
  4. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at nbmamentorship@gmail.com.


Mentors will be matched with ideal student midwife candidates locally or through long distance correspondence depending on their preferences.

In the questionnaire below, you will have the opportunity to outline the kind of mentorship you are interested in providing, your availability, and the best way for you to communicate with your mentee.