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The National Black Midwives Alliance (NBMA) is a member supported program of the Southern Birth Justice Network.  As a member of NBMA you will receive access to a growing network of black midwives, mentorship opportunities, resources to support academic and professional development, discounts on select conferences and special engagements, as well as a platform to expand our collective voices and be heard.  

Your annual contribution powers this initiative and your active participation helps us define a new chapter in the history of Midwifery.

In 2020, we are looking forward to expanding our mentorship program, with new tools to widen access to our pool of highly accomplished mentors. 

This year NBMA is entering our third year of service and we would like your input  in creating a sustainable infrastructure to further our collective needs.  Join us in the visioning, strategic planning, and program design. With new opportunities for leadership that will shape the future of our collective journey, let your voice be heard with NBMA.  


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