I stand with Black Midwives..

1. To increase the number of Black midwives and access to Black midwives in order to have more providers who can impact perinatal health disparities.

2. To raise public awareness that Black midwives exist and provide services in their respective communities.

3. To support legislative efforts led by Black midwives and supporters in various states.

4. To advocate for and support the development of educational pathways for Black student midwives.

5. To establish and raise funds for a scholarship specifically designated for Black student midwives.

6. To provide member benefits, for example: negotiating group discounts, providing mentorship program, access to legal advice and representation.

What We Do



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We train and organize midwives to serve as advocates to address disparities in maternal health care that impact black birthing people. Our central goal is to have a representative voice at the national level that clearly outlines and supports the various needs and interests of Black midwives. 



We offer academic council, scholarships, and resources to student midwives as well as professional development trainings and webinars. Click here to access NBMA's  2019 webinar archive



Each member of NBMA is assigned a mentor or mentee to strengthen personal and professional growth.   Mentors serve as an accountability parter, coach, and cheerleader.

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Recent Work


NBMA WEBINAR on december 11, 2019

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Join our next webinar, Dec 11, 2019 07:30 PM ET
-to strategize as a collective body of Black midwives about eradicating white supremacy
-to develop a unified voice to address racism and oppression in midwifery institutions
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“When spiders unite, they can tie down a lion.” - Ethiopian proverb